Update March 2023

Hello waterbikers!

A long awaited update I’m sure.

The covid pandemic took a big toll on our team but we have been hard at work for a while!
We are busy with recruitment and making ourselves known among our study society and we might even move back to Delft soon with our boats so that we can work on them far more easily.

We are very much excited for the IWR in Kiel this year and are hoping to bring our 2 boats, the MacBath and the new Prometheus. We are partially working together with students from Rotterdam to hopefully make them just as enthousiastic as us so that they might start their own team in Rotterdam.

The MacBath received a major refit last year where we restiffened the boat with a new layor of carbon fibre. This year the MacBath team is focused on maintaining the boat and potentially working on a hydropod to make the underwater transmission more hydrodynamic and potentially giving it more of an edge in the competition.

The Prometheus team is working on fixing the transmission and crafting some new parts. The past few years an issue with the transmission had been discovered and we are hoping to fix it on time for this years IWR. Along with that the team wants to finish off the hull and potentially make some minor stiffening additions within the hull.

Next to that we are also working behind the scenes on something special. If all works out we might be able to announce this on the coming IWR so stay tuned!