Each year, naval architecture students gather from all over the Europe for the regatta event: the International Waterbike Regatta. The race was founded in 1980, with the aim  to enable students to put theoretical knowledge into practice and to advance exchange among students. In various disciplines waterbikes, designed and built by students, race against each other. Since then the IWR took place in various European countries as Holland, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Croatia, and became an annual highlight for students from several European countries. The event brings together over 300 students each year and is a great platform for students to combine creative work, exchange with colleagues from other countries and having a lot of fun racing the boats. The competition between the different universities lead to high-tech innovative and fast waterbikes; lightweight constructions made of composites, reaching easily speeds of more than ten knots.
Delft Waterbike Technology competes in the IWR since the early days. In those early days, multiple victories have been booked with the MacBath, such as the first place in overall ranking in 1998. The last worth mentioning archiefment was a third place in slalom in 2016. But times are gonna change!...
During the IWR, all boats sail six disciplines for points. In each discipline, a classification will be made to determine who's the fastest or strongest. A seventh discipline, the secret mission is held for fun and, in where it is common to organise a discipline what benefits the organising team the most. ased on a least-point system, the overall ranking determines the best boat of all IWR. Below, the disciplines can be found.


Please find underneath a list of all IWR's:




2023 Kiel Germany
2022 Bremen Germany
2019 Hamburg Germany
2018 Zagreb Croatia
2017 Ilawa Poland
2016 Vienna Austria
2015 Berlin Germany
2014 Istanbul Turkey
2013 Rijeka Croatia
2012 Duisburg Germany
2011 Hamburg Germany
2010 Stettin Poland
2009 Rostock Germany
2008 Zagreb Croatia
2007 Gdansk Poland
2006 Istanbul Turkey
2005 Bremen Germany
2004 Berlin Germany
2003 Duisburg Germany
2002 Genua Italy
2001 Hamburg Germany
2000 Flensburg Germany
1999 Zagreb Croatia
1998 Delft The Netherlands
1997 Gdansk Poland
1996 Bremen Germany
1995 No regatta
1994 Nantes France
1993 Trondheim Norway
1992 Flensburg Germany
1991 Gdansk Poland
1990 Goteborg Sweden
1989 Hamburg Germany
1988 Delft The Netherlands
1987 Berlin Germany
1986 Duisburg Germany
1985 Bremen Germany
1984 Hamburg Germany
1983 Aachen Germany
1982 Kiel Germany
1981 Berlin Germany
1980 Hannover Germany