Delft Waterbike Technology is the waterbike team of the study Maritime Technology from the TU Delft. It has been establised in the '80s to practically apply the study. Since then, seven highly innovative waterbikes have been built, such as the MacBath, Nederwood and Flying Colours. However, it is always good to keep looking to the objectives. The most important and thus first objective is to guarantee continuity.

The objectives of DWT are:

  • Guaranteeing continuity of the foundation by being added value for Delft students; via
  • Giving students the opportunity to practically apply their study, via
    • Designing and building of new waterbikes;
    • Renovating of former waterbikes;
  • Giving students the opportunity to gain extra-curricular theoretical knowlegde;
  • Competing in a competitive way in the International Waterbike Regatta.