The major project of 2017-2018 is the design and building process of out new boat before the IWR of 2018. Some small details might be hidden behind the photo...

Our Activities


Building of the new boat will take place in the beginning of 2018. Besides building, a lot of maintenance has to be done as well. Here you see a new axis for the MacBath, turned in the workshop of TU Delft.


Each year, DWT takes parts in the International Waterbike Regatta. For more info about the race, click on the photo above!

Our Waterbikes


Prometheus is the name of our new boat. It was built for the IWR of 2018 to compete in the higher ranks and will be upgraded this year! Interested in the waterbike, please click here!


MacBath is currently the main boat of the fleet and a real all-rounder. Now she's more than 25 years old, she deserves some rest, but even then she's still expected to take part in all next IWRs!

A.F. Chapman II

The A.F. Chapman II is a Swedish build hydrofoiling boat. Back in the days when more boats flew, she gained such a fanbase that even still people ask about her and she will definetely take part in IWRs again!