A new waterbike for foundation ‘De Voorvechter’

A couple of weeks ago, a foundation called ‘de Voorvechter’ contacted us. ‘De Voorvechter’ is a foundation which raises money against cancer, normally by doing little activities such as organizing dart tournaments of vending ‘oliebollen’ during 31th of December. But now, they had a plan much bigger, which includes sailing across the North Sea from Rotterdam to London in the summer of 2016, a distance of 340 km!

Therefore they need a waterbike, and that is why they contacted us. They want to have a waterbike, and we have the experience and knowledge about designing, and want to build one in the near future. Looks like a perfect match!

Yesterday, Thursday 15th of January, we had a meeting with Johan Torn, the chairman of Voorvechter, about the possibilities to help each other in building a waterbike. During this meeting, we had the chance to design and build one for the foundation, but we also want to build one for DWT. With a little discussion, we saw the possibility to build a waterbike for them, but use it afterwards for the IWR.

Now, it is time to discuss about the demands, but in fact there are so little demands, it looks like we have had a ‘carte blanche’ to design a waterbike. The process will start within some weeks, and we will update you about the results!

For more information about the foundation, visit www.voorvechter.nl. Unfortunately, the site is in Dutch.