To obtain the goals of Delft Waterbike Technology, DWT is dependent on partners in various ways; DWT would not be able to exist without. Therefore DWT is very grateful to her partners who make continuity and building possible, by supporting us with knowledge and financial aid. Especially in the building process, sponsoring is key in manufacturing our new boat!

Fibercore Europe

Fibercore Europe is the company which hosts and helps us during the production process. The company itself is the would's expert manufacturer of fibre-reinforced load-bearing structures for both architecture and infrastructure, like bridges and lock gates. Their InfraCore-technology is key aspect in the wide application of products.

Royal Wagenborg

Founded in 1898, Royal Wagenborg is an international maritime logistics conglomerate. The family owned and managed company offers a variety of maritime services, such as shipping, offshore services and towage. With about 3,000 employees Wagenborg serves clients predominantly in the Baltic, northwest Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas.


ThyssenKrupp Veerhaven

ThyssenKrupp Veerhaven is one of Europes most modern and leading push-towing shipping company in dry bulk. The boats of ThyssenKrupp Veerhaven are transporting coals between Rotterdan and Duisburg, where the ovens of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe are located. The fleet consists of 7 push-towing vessels and circa 100 barges and  holds approximately 225 people.



S.G. "William Froude"

Delft Waterbike Technology is a dispute of the student association S.G. "William Froude" at the Technical University in Delft. Froude represents the maritime students at our university and organises a lot of different events and is supporting DWT in the ability to compete on IWR and in storage in between. Furthermore, a strong bond between both can be found in the close collaboration regarding organisation and finding new team members. 

TU Delft Universiteitsfonds

The TU Delft Universiteitsfonds financially supports DWT in the ability to compete at International Waterbike Regattas and the storage of the boats in between the regattas. The fund mainly focuses on additional, in-depth education and extra-curricular activities such as Honours Programs, attending conferences and Dreamteams, but is not limited to support state-of-the-art research as well.


Delft University of Technology

All team members of Delft Waterbike Technology are maritime engineering students at the Delft University of Technology. The university belongs to the best technical universities in the world and is known next to their education and research for their D:Dream projects, such as the solar car Nuna and solar boat TU Delft Solar boat team.


GustoMSC is an independent and reputable design & engineering company of mobile offshore units and associated equipment in offshore oil&gas and wind . With a multi-faceted product and services portfolio consisting of basic designs of jack-ups, semi-submersibles and vessels for offshore exploration, construction and production, and by matching design and associated equipment, GustoMSC offers its clients unique advantages.


DEKC Maritime

DEKC Maritime offers concept design, basic design, and detail engineering for new build vessels as well as support during the lifetime of a vessel such as support with modifications, mobilizations and project specific engineering. With the specialists in naval architecture, structural design, mechanical engineering (systems and tools) and detail engineering we are able to help with every idea or challenge.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world-wide professional classification society. It delivers suitable solutions to help organisations to realise, maintain and prove requirements in the field of quality, safety, health, environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. With regard to shipping, major attention goes to constructional aspects and reliablility of the engine room and further equipment.




Nevesbu is the maritime division of IV-groep, a company active in Infra, Oil&Gas, Water and Building engineering. The Maritime division is widely known in the Dutch maritime sector as the engineers of former and current submarines, which is a major topic in today's Marine investments.  The companies motto is "Passion for Technics", by which Nevesbu offers DWT the oppurtunity to build the new boat !

Bast Techniek

Bast Techniek is an independent organisation, specialised in detaching technical personnel in different sectors. As Bast Techiek just joined the maritime sector, interested jobs will become available in short terms! Other jobs are already available, so take a look at the website for more information!

Smit Lamnalco

We might do one Bollard Pull during the IWR, but for Smit Lamnalco, this is a daily job. Next to harbour towage, the company specialized themselves in mooring of FPSOs for Oil and LNG-production and perform a lot in the Middle-East, Western Africa and Australia. Regarding these heavy tasks, their motto of "Dedicated to the extreme" is really applicable!






Wärtsilä is key player in the field of complete lifecycle solutions for martime and energy market. The company core business is developement and serving advanced technologies and products of ships and electricity plants, in a environmental friendlu manner. The key aspect in here are durability, innovation and efficiency. 

Stichting Maritieme Fondsen

Stichting Maritieme Fondsen is een samenwerking van een zestal fondsen, die zo beogen hun gezamenlijke maatschappelijke effect te vergroten. Gemeenschappelijke doelstelling is het geven van een stimulans voor het functioneren van Nederland als maritieme natie. Daarbij wordt aandacht gegeven aan het verleden, het heden en de toekomst. Uit dit zestal heeft DWT sponsoring mogen ontvangen van NISS, Stichting Helden der Zee-fonds 'Dorus Rijkers' en het Vaderlandsch Fonds ter aanmoediging van 's lands zeedienst.

StuD Fund

The StuD Fund is the organisation responsible for spending the profit of StuD on students. The aim of the StuD Fund is to provide financial support to realise the innovative and entrepreneurial projects of students. StuD is an employment agency for students. 



MARIN is a research institute founded in 1932 and since then important for the Dutch maritime sector. In their multiple tanks for different purposes, they model-test hulls and gained a lot of knowledge in ship hydromechanics. Furthermore MARIN developed propellers, leading to the famous Wageningen B-series, as well as Wageningen C&D- and Kaplanseries.  In both aspects, they support DWT with knowledge regarding hull design and propeller matching. 


Solico is a engineering company highly specialised in composite structures in all kind of applications. Famous buildings, like the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, have been designed by them, as well as numerous assignments for GRP minehunters for the Royal Dutch Navy.  With their wide applicability and knowledge, they supported us in the constructional design of our new boat.